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Fan Recreated Classic Game Duck Hunt For VR And It's Pretty Neat: It's an impressive little demo that uses Raz...


AMD Releases List of Oculus Ready Processors In FX Series: As Oculus Rift is about to hit the stores, people w...


Meet the Virtual Reality Talk Show Host Living Out of an RV: The promise of Oculus Rift is that no matter how ...


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Unity Vision Summit 2016 Keynote

11 Feb

Augmented Reality Enablers: Who does what? A primer for newbs.

12 Feb

Full immersion w/ Toyota in Spanish #VR ad - gfx bit weak & maybe all fake. BUT a fun and cool staging of the idea:

5 Feb

Huge news from #Epic! They present their #VR editor for #Unreal - w/ direct level editing in your HMD! So awesome!

4 Feb

Get away from your screens - go climbing! But take your augmented fun with you. :-) #ar


Unity Vision Summit 2016 Keynote #AugmentedReality


The Augmented Reality Bulletin is out! Stories via @entzion @chrisgrayson @bamitav

12 Feb

The Augmented Reality Bulletin is out! Stories via @44screens @traklord

22 Jan

Augmented and Virtual Reality Investment Reach Around $700 Million in 2015: Investments in…

20 Jan

HTC to Separate their Virtual Reality Division?: If reports from Focus Taiwan are to be…

20 Jan

Here Comes an Augmented Reality Interface for your Audi: MIT Media Lab teamed up with Audi…

12 Feb

Happy #Valentinesweekend! Scan this card with the free Aurasma app for a special #augmentedreality love note <3

12 Feb

@Thrasymachus @jillcompher Awesome - it's one of our favs!

11 Feb

Ignite your reality with HP @Aurasma #augmentedreality app. Learn more: #AR

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12 Feb

We're proud to share that our CMO - Lindsay Boyajian was just featured in the news of Cornell University ILR...

12 Feb

Happy Birthday Abe! Checking out your stuff with #AR

11 Feb

@jeremy_irving We're very sorry to hear that! I've referred you to our sales team, and someone will get back to you very soon!

12 Feb

.@JuiceburstUK's blippable interactive bottles just won the Gold Award for #Design Effectiveness. Congrats!

11 Feb

#TBT #EvannaLynch & #HPCelebration attendees experienced the magical world of Hogwarts by blipping a #Pottermore map

11 Feb

@CoxeeFoxy Have you tried restarting the app? Let us know!

17 Sep

@nambor presenting on wearables and AR at Macquarie Uni. Great to see #edu embracing emerging tech for learning #mqltweek

17 Sep

@devdiner sat down and chatted to buildAR CEO @nambor on #awe.js & building the web of the future #augmentedReality

17 Sep

@nambor presenting on wearables and AR at Macquarie Uni Teaching & Learning week. Great to see #edu embracing emerging tech for learning.

8 Feb

New @Layar soccer trick online @433magazine. Scan to see the trick. Filmed with @IamNikonNL D810 on #DJIRonin

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8 Feb

@orlandoballeza Apologies, we cannot find the mail you mentioned. Please drop us a line again w/ same Contact form:

8 Feb

@orlandoballeza Hi Orlando, could you please let us know when have you sent a mail? All requests are addressed in max. 2 business days.

27 Nov

Folks at #InMobi checking out our Virtual Try On!We're on the 7th flr of the Marathalli office. Get here!#getglassic

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25 Nov

Our TryLive virtual try-on activity has been acquired today by Acep, the @SmartMirrorACEP editor!

20 Nov

@blueisviolet Hi, we stopped D'Fusion Studio, now we only focus on TryLive, a virtual try-on solution for eyewear, watches and home.

1 Jan


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17 Jun

Artifact – Mobile Augmented Reality browser app #AugmentedReality

26 May

Dior Eyes – Virtual Reality – Making-of #AugmentedReality

12 May

NEW YOARK – What People Think About New York #AugmentedReality

12 Feb

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Classrooms | by @lilyhulk | #education #AR #VR

11 Feb

A New Storytelling Perspective Through Virtual and Augmented Reality

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