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Jon Hamm Might Play a Hologram in Sci-Fi Drama 'Marjorie Prime': Hamm would play the hologram of Marjorie's de...


Watch Vertigo Games Test Skyworld Using Oculus Touch: No official announcement has been made regarding Skyworl...


Time Machine VR launches on Steam Early Access: As the name suggests it's a VR title and in fact the Early Acc...


MTV to Live Stream Virtual Reality Video for VMA Red-Carpet

27 Aug Utilizes Virtual Mirrors To Promote All-Star Game Apparel

27 Aug

Experience Virtual Reality Orchestra with VAN Beethoven

28 Aug

Huge neat projection mapping at Empire state building: #ar #pbar

20 Aug

Project Tango in your Intel phone! This is how our next smartphones could look like to get great #AR!

19 Aug

new player for #ar #hmds seen at #siggraph15 -


MTV to Live Stream Virtual Reality Video for VMA Red-Carpet via @augmentedtrends


The Augmented Reality Bulletin is out! Stories via @TheGungHoDown @CandyLabTweets

28 Aug

Microsoft HoloLens: What It Is and What We Can Expect via @GravityJack


MTV to Live Stream Virtual Reality Video for VMA Red-Carpet: MTV has also chosen virtual…

27 Aug

Experience Virtual Reality Orchestra with VAN Beethoven: Now you can hear Beethoven just…

27 Aug

Get Ready to Experience Holodeck-Like Virtual Reality Room: If you have seen Star Trek, you…

27 Aug

We agree! 'Tech like #augmentedreality will redefine the enterprise' by @jrdothoughts

25 Aug

P&S Market Research confirms Aurasma is huge contender in the booming global #AR market @psresearchmarke

25 Aug

Using Aurasma to complete an apptivity about retelling stories @aurasma #flssip

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Three Construction Management Trends To Expect

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Great read on #AugmentedReality to showcase #BIM. Also covers how to configure your models in Augment ;)


The Vive VR headset and Facebook’s Oculus Rift will launch for consumers on the same day

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JEU LION REALITE AUGMENTEE !! Vis une expérience inédite: Découvre ton paquet interactif et transforme toi en LION !

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9 Jul

@davide_ravasi thanks :) ping us if you have any questions. More coming soon!

9 Jul

For #psinnovate15, #CommsAu are streaming an augmented reality presentation by @buildAR at 10.30am

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7 Jul

RT @SitePointMobile: Augmented Reality in the Browser with Awe.js

28 Aug

Promoting the importance of public #libraries with #AugmentedReality via @Layar

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28 Aug

.@RedDotUna Yes, it is a great trend and good to see more and more countries and companies adopt! :)

28 Aug

Right?! Everybody should have one! :) RT @DreaPeking: @Layar @TheManWithaDrum I seriously need an AR business card-that is awesome!

13 Aug

Watch how our new Face Analysis tool for Eyewear Recommendation works! via @YouTube #virtualtryon #newglasses

11 Aug

See how @DharmaCo used TryLive to create a viral photo contest on Twitter and Instagram! #selfie #virtualtryon

30 Jul

Aidez @Tweet_Lunettes​ a récolter des fonds pour intégrer notre module d’Essayage Virtuel sur leur site!

1 Jan


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17 Jun

Artifact – Mobile Augmented Reality browser app #AugmentedReality

26 May

Dior Eyes – Virtual Reality – Making-of #AugmentedReality

12 May

NEW YOARK – What People Think About New York #AugmentedReality

28 Aug

@UMich Researchers Create Virtual Reality 'Matrix' With Unreal Engine | #UM3DLab #VR