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Project Morpheus Using HRTF Audio, Unity Suggests: Back at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January...


A fun and interactive book of birds - Huntsville Item: Huntsville ItemA fun and interactive book of birdsHunts...


Facebook's (FB) Oculus VR Founder Palmer Luckey Sued For Using Confidential Trade Secrets: Total Recall Techno...

22 May

YDreams’ technology enhancing visitor experience @ Bradesco Museum

22 May

L’Oreal Takes Huge Leap With 3D Printed Skin

22 May

FOVE: World’s First VR Headset Controlled By Eye Movements

6 May

Hey all. I'm back! Time to start blogging again! Hope to see you on May, 19th - regulars' table! #ar #armuc

1 Apr

Hi guys, I'm still living offline for a few more weeks, but I couldn't resist dropping this in! Enjoy! #magicleap

26 Feb is pausing updates due to me traveling. :-) See you very soon back online with more #AR news for 2015! Stay tuned!


An Alien Spaceship into the Twittersphere via @LeapMotion


@AR_bulletin will you attend to @ARealityEvent #AWE2015 this year ? We will present our new toy "hockey bird"

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The Augmented Reality Bulletin is out! Stories via @CristinadelRo @mrseo_farhan @Mondivirtuali

23 May

Microsoft Hololens – 10+ Experts and VR Developers Share their Views ......

23 May

Here Comes a $400,000 Augmented Reality Helmet for Fighter Jet: One of the most complicated…

23 May

Virtual Reality Headsets Could Fight Air Sickness and Jet Lags: A lingering problem of …

21 May

Wrapping up a week of new hire training at the giants game! #ATTpark

20 May

6thG Spa @canterburyftmy using @aurasma to present Fashion Magazine @teachintechgal @EduInMotion #augmentedreality

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20 May

New blog post: Bring your prototypes to life and wow your customers with Augment !

13 May

Using augmented reality to study geometry. @AugmenteDev Thanks for supporting education. Great experience in class!!

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@4DC5 @amywhite76 Hi both! Sorry about this. Let us help you, please email us at so we can fix this!

22 May

Sue Walker Mitchell, ICT lecturer at @LR6FC spent the day to see the Blippar team in action!

22 May

What a week! A Times Square shout out, Kirkwood Pitch competition win, and being on BBC!

22 Feb

@Art_Inspector we're working through your questions and will respond asap - thanks for the detailed email

12 Nov

AWEsome work! RT @juanjocorzo: @buildAR Check what we did with the #myo arm band and awe.js at #hackholyoke:

21 Aug

@dorian_peters Thx Dorian glad you enjoyed it! And thanks for all your input too :)

22 May

Ready to create 3D examples w/ Layar? Get inspired by some cool examples at our free Q&A webinar on the 28th

22 May

RT @elissamalespina: Loved watching Matthew and his friends teach people how to use @Layar!

21 May

For scheduled maintenance, system and operations updates please follow @LayarStatus and submit questions at

21 May

The try-on feature on the @GarrettLeight website is blowing my mind. Probably the coolest/most accurate online shopping feature I've seen.

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20 May

Our virtual try-on is now live! #GLCO Go Play: (seriously it's really fun)

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18 May

Great to see @faymeproblems from @newnownext enjoying our Virtual Try-On with his his friend @Reba! We think these…

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Любовь - светла


как думаете с первого цилиндра форсунку можно снять не снимая рампы?

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Доверчиво бабочка села

12 May

NEW YOARK – What People Think About New York #AugmentedReality

7 May

IBM ‘Meet a CBDer’ AR experience #AugmentedReality

22 May

Help @wikitude be the Best AR Tool of 2015! Votes for RTs --> | #FollowerPower #DevsRock #AWE

21 May

Vote for us :D

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