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The Backed Pack: Vufine gets on Glass geekiness: via


Hewlett-Packard Zvr 3D: set to change what you think you see: The hologram effect is a clever adaptation of 3D...


Want A Taste Of Virtual Reality? Step One: Find Some Cardboard: Prices range from $200 to $500 for devices fro...

3 Jul

Virtual Dressing Rooms Rated Highest Augmented Reality Use Case For Retail Conversions

3 Jul

Mark Zuckerberg Talks About Importance of AI and Virtual Reality

3 Jul

Nissan PART e-VAN Brings Augmented Reality Experience

25 Jun

Augmenting Virtuality to be safe in your virtual trips! #ar #vr #oculus #kinect #av

20 Jun

Navigation for the blind via #AR?

19 Jun

New cool #IllumiRoom presentation to extend & augmented your TV set: #ar


Augmented Reality Anatomy book #AugmentedReality


The Augmented Reality Bulletin is out!

5 Jul

The Augmented Reality Bulletin is out! Stories via @augmentedtrends


Zuckerberg explains why Facebook is investing in artificial intelligence and virtual reality

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Research Brings Virtual Reality Into Focus

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Newest Virtual Reality VR 3D Video Glasses For 4~6.5 Inch Screen Mobile Phone

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1 Jul

@sslove2tch Have you checked out our video tutorials and knowledge base? :)

30 Jun

Help students make connections to the real world with #AR @iTunesU #edutech #edapps

29 Jun

Kleinspiration: Tons of Classroom Examples Using Augmented Reality with @Aurasma - A Com...

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29 Jun

A découvrir : @jfChianetta le vendeur augmenté cc @AugmenteDev

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26 Jun

Augment (@AugmenteDev) is hiring a Full-stack web developer in Paris! Come apply at

26 Jun

Augment (@AugmenteDev) is hiring an AR Project Manager in Paris! Come apply at


What team are you rooting for? #FIFAWWCFinal

4 Jul

Kick off July 4th & drink some Nestea! #Win $10000 by simply blipping below! #sweepstakes

9 Jun

We're blending the web + physical world RT @jeffspane: #AR in the browser: walk around mode activated. #AWE2015

29 May

Apple acquires Metaio - what does this mean for buildAR?

22 Feb

@Art_Inspector we're working through your questions and will respond asap - thanks for the detailed email

3 Jul

Built exciting @Layar #tech into #AdventureRace featuring real-life adventurers! 18th July - #LDNi50Race #Inspired50

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3 Jul

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3 Jul

.@beckenese Thank you! :) @Head_stpaulsSP @ProjectZeroHGSE We highly recommend for you to check out @BlipparEDU as well! #EdTech

2 Jul

The rooftop view in our new office in Paris! @PartechShaker #EiffelTower

24 Jun

#Observatoire du #Shopping : 62 % des interrogés adhèrent à l'essayage virtuel ! #digitalisation

24 Jun

#Observatoire du #Shopping : Comment répondre aux attentes des Français en matière de shopping ?

1 Jan


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17 Jun

Artifact – Mobile Augmented Reality browser app #AugmentedReality

26 May

Dior Eyes – Virtual Reality – Making-of #AugmentedReality

12 May

NEW YOARK – What People Think About New York #AugmentedReality


#AR, Robots, lasers and the future of the world: Mark Zuckerberg predicted how the world will change in the future |

3 Jul

@Microsoft's new augmented reality project, "SemanticPaint," lets you digitize your environment | via @techspot

3 Jul

This #AugmentedReality Headset Is The Google Glass We All Wanted | via @TechTimes_News